Undo, Stop All, and trigger fills from MM?

Hi -
I have the SS ‘holy trinity’ and they all work great together, but I’m trying to make my pedalboard dance more efficient. Thinking that maybe I’d try using the MM for more of it and not have to use the buttons on the aeros (then I could move things around a bit and simplify a few things)

  1. I saw something in a post here that sounded like there was a way to set up commands on MM to undo recordings on Aeros.
  2. can MM also trigger BB drum fill when switching aeros song parts? (assuming part button is pushed early enough, would the fills happen going into the next part - as opposed to happening after the part change?)
  3. can MM be setup to stop the song on BB and Aeros and just Aeros (if doing a non sync aeros song without the BB)?

If anyone has instructions for any of these, please share!

Hey there,

  1. If you send an undo command it will undo the current recording, yes!
  2. Same thing with BB fills.
  3. Not just yet, because Aeros still does not have a CC that controls Start and Stop but this is coming in the 4.1.x MIDI expansion. Stay tuned! You would just need to send the CC commands specific to the units for start and stop.

You can find all Singular Sound commands here.

thank you!
can i have more than one custom mode on MM so that I can keep current set up working and have a ‘lab’ for all these new commands?

You can only load one custom mode on the MM at a time, they other two are the default modes which are hard coded.

We may allow all three modes to be utilized as custom modes eventually, stay tuned on that.

You can have as many custom modes as you want on your phone, you just choose which one to load.

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“We may allow all three modes to be utilized as custom modes eventually”

If this come out you make my day ! I’m waiting for!

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You need to change the parts cc for each part
This is to go to part 1 with a drum fill

thanks again!!!
will be trying this out ASAP.

Bear in mind the BB requires the use of the CC113 value 0 command to end transition and start next/previous/specific part.

CC113 values 1-32 and values 126 & 127 only start the BB transition, not complete it. If you don’t send the CC 113 value 0 after the other command, the BB will never stop transitioning.

Yes , the screenshot above is for a fill
For transition and change part is this one that I use