Organize Maestro Beatbuddy and Aeros loop for a song

My aeros song looper is at 116 bpm, the song title is “Love is” The Beatbuddy must also be at 116 bpm, and the Maestro must tell me and select the title “Love is” with the parameters ready for BB & Aeros … ready to play. Is that the idea ?? But I don’t see any of that. No collective memory for the 3 expensive unit? The aeros doesn’t have a midi clock out, so how do you get beatbuddy to the right tempo? These are very basic things, song recall, preset name on Maestro ?? Can i save this in BB without computer ? Than slave the Aeros…

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As far as I understand, and how I currently use the three devices together, is I can get to the Aeros song list and select a song via the MM, and then I switch to BB control (on the MM) and change the beat and tempo to match the Aeros song. I can do all that via the MM hands-free, but yeah, it would be great if there was a BB beat/tempo recall function linked to the Aeros song somehow.

Still usable in my opinion, although I only play at home so the timing to make the song change isn’t very critical to me.

Ok tank you for your answer. So you have to choose manually the BB song & Aeros song thru the MM switch , if i understand…?
it’s very delicate because the tempo of both must work at exactly the same tempo…I tried with my Helix, but there is no program or preset recall in BB & Eros & MM…?

Obviously you can do this on the individual devices too, but I have my MM “custom mode” set to control both the BB and Aeros so I can choose an Aeros song, BB beat, and adjust the BB tempo to match the Aeros song, all with the MM. As for now, you are correct that you have to manually adjust the BB tempo to match the tempo used to record the song in the Aeros…there is no preset recall that I know of.

If the Aeros had a midi clock out it could adjust the BB tempo but the looper sync works much better in BB slave.
My second big problems is the " undo record " after some panic tap dancing on footswitch to erase a little error is turn to /overdub/mute/rec/play ?!? Third problem the middle & right switch can be : play / rec/ overdub , when you standing up it’s very confusing

When I make a mistake and want to undo that recording, I hold down the same button I used to start recording the track and it’ll delete the last recording on that track. Not sure if that’s what you meant, but I use that feature a lot. :slight_smile:

yes the leaning curve… after muting the track you can record a new one over, but live it’s hard to do :sweat_smile:


This will be vastly improved with the brand new 4.1.x firmware which is due as a beta very very soon.

This is thanks to the highly coveted MIDI song select feature.You will be able to send an MSB (CC0), an LSB (CC32), and a PC command to individually select BB and Aeros songs. Aeros will only respond to CC0 and PC and BB only to LSB and PC. This allows you to use different drum sets with the same Aeros song and vice versa.

This will also have the first midi expansion as well as improved BB and master clock interaction :slight_smile:

Ok tank you, my pedalboard is big, with the Helix floor, Roland guitar synth GR55 & other, the Aeros fit the same space as my Infinity looper Pigtronix . My Helix is a good midi control for all my unit, so i want control the Aeros from my Helix to recall song, is it possible ?

Sometime i play with keyboard player as musical director and they send me a midi clock, but Aeros is out of sync after a stop if you it start again is out of sync to many time, sometime is ok, sometime the pre roll ( 2 mesure ) is not there, i never have this sync problems with Pigtronix & Boss. I get the same problem when BB is the master clock and Aeros is slave…,can be completely out of sync…this is a big issue for me…

This will be possible in the next beta, not available just yet

This is also likely fixed in the next version, the Aeros will now always stay on count while following the BB tempo.

Thanks for the question

Tank you for the answer. I hope the upgrade will be soon ??, because for live i must rent a Boss RC 600, I don’t want go back to my Infinity looper with only 2 part song. I work in Montréal a musicien & technicien since 40 years, i now many thing, if you need advice i’m open ! :sunglasses: