Could we have new video instructions for Midi Maestro that can take advantage of the new MIDI functionality of the Aeros 4.1 firmware, PLEASE!

I am hoping that there is now greatly enhanced customizations that can be tweaked and implemented on the Aeros Loop Studio using the Midi Maestro.

For us who have little experience with midi commands (especially the whole MSB and LSB) we could use some help I am sure.

This is the new commands MIDI Expansion Release 1: Official Commands List (4.1.x)

Thanks, NYHC. But what are the steps does one need to do to actually and practically input the details/codes in Midi Maestro?

(Oh, and what Google spreadsheets have you mentioned previously?)

Previous Google spreadsheets: Singular Sound MIDI Commands - Google Drive

I guess you need to make a custom mode with the new cc of the 4.1.
I understand that you mean that they need to update the MM Aeros modes with the cc’s ?

But I think they gonna update the MM soon !

Don’t you know how to put commands, build a custom , etc…?

I haven’t tried it yet…just got my MM a few days ago

You can upload commands and customs from the app and sync with the MM
but take a look on the channels so that they match with your channels

Hey there!

You need to use the smartphone app to do this!

Please read more about how to use the MM and the app in the manual!

Feel free to write to for more assistance!

I will try playing with the app this weekend…and see if this old dog can do some new tricks…me, not the hardware!