Aeros MIDI Commands

Sysex Real Time Start works as a play command. It may not be ideal for everyone though.

I don’t really believe I understand what you mean by “pre-programmed” but believe this may mean to the MM. Likely we will not make any changes to the Default Modes for the time being, no. You will have to use the App to make a new custom mode or make a new custom mode based on the Default Mode templates.

Let me know if I misunderstood!

The release is already in testing with almost all proposed commands working at 100%, we are currently working out some kinks in 4.0.0 and will have a hot-fix release soon that should smooth out issues users have and may experience(d).

This is not as long time away, you may regret a sale right now! Only forward from here :slight_smile:

We always appreciate constructive input and thank you for all the feedback!

Aeros is well on the way!

*removes Singular sound cape and mask
You are too kind! Thank you :slight_smile: We are company made up of musicians, supported by musicians, and all for musicians.

No need for a workaround soon! Stay tuned!

Thanks for the feedback everyone!

You got it right Brennan.
Like the existing Aeros mode and the BB mode presets.
Yeah I was asking pretty much if it would be another preset mode on the MM moving the main buttons from the Aeros to the MM.

As I mentioned before two Aeros modes would be cool on the MM.
One being the existing (as I would call it) “Floor” mode and a new “Hand” mode preset for us that want the Aeros up high at our hands and eyes.

Of course if it is faster to release the midi update where we set the buttons up on the MM ourselves, that is fine.
Maybe down the road a bit consider making the “hand” mode once the more important stuff is finished.
Can we share custom modes we create ?

Just a thought.

Hey again,

I think you may be confused about how the units work:

The MIDI Maestro can already hold any MIDI command that is a CC, PC, PB, Note On/Off command and you could already set all the commands we are planning for the Aeros today, but the Aeros would not respond because it is not coded to handle the commands yet.

There is no “floor” vs “hand” mode, there are only 3 possible modes: The two default modes for the Aeros and BeatBuddy and the custom mode.

The custom mode is a mode that you map yourself on your iOS or android device by using the MIDI Maestro App. The App is a vehicle for setting up what types of commands are being sent and where they are being sent. This gives you access to all 10 possible pages with 6 customizable buttons on each page.

You can use any mode on the floor or on a desk, there is no limitation there versus any physical limitations to your setup and playing style. The comfort+ buttons are very soft on bare hands.

If you would like to make a custom mode that is based on the default modes, you can create a mode from template and edit it as you wish.

Read more about the MM and the smartphone app in our manual!

I understand completely.
I know there is no “Hand” or “Floor” mode.
As I wrote, that was just a suggestion that I made.

I understand that custom mode will allow me to set it up how I like.

I just want the full emulation of RECORD PLAY OVERDUB on the MM.

V4.1.x will have a simple emulation of the RPO buttons without any of the hold or double tap capabilities. We will eventually add a full button emulation of each button too!

Stay tuned!

Does 4.0 support midi I can’t seem to get the airstrip midi controller to affect any changes…also rc500 doesn’t support and cc values that you have for midi thru


Works also to record if change settings but this is only thing working

Is there a CC to control where the playback is routed between Aux out and normal out (as in the setting)?
If not, that would be handy!

Not fully, no. We only added the following commands to 4.0.0:

CC41 Value 20 Commit Current Recording
CC42 Value 0 Clear Song Immediately

We eventually hope to support these commands yes! The first release will only allow manipulation of the ROP, RPO setting for now.

Thanks for the questions!

Please think about RPM mode… for people who never use overdubs!
Thanks ; )

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It is on the development timeline but because there is no existing behavior it is not easy to map since it requires changing the possible behavior on the Aeros itself as well.

Thanks for the suggestion

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Hi - trying to add the new CC42 value 0 for deleting all tracks on current aeros song onto my custom mode on the MM. I follow the manual on how to add the command in the app, but I cannot put in the midi channel… no numbers will type in that field… they work fine for other fields in the command?

(I should be able to do this via ipad, right? I cant get the app on my phone to connect and it doesn’t show my custom mode. the app from ipad does update the button text, so i think it’s working and I think that’s what i used to set up the current custom mode.)

in case it matters, I edited an existing button that had a redirect on it before (to 2x2 commands).

i have the command set up as:

device = aeros looper
description = delete trks 42
type = control change
command = 42
value = 0

any suggestions?

I am not seeing this on the latest release 1.4.2, are you all up to date?

No, this is not tested for iPad, we hope to support iPads after we have full support on phones for v2.0.

Please reach out to for more assistance here.

Let me know if they have any feedback on what may be happening!

Thanks for reporting

MIDI expansion 1 is out as a beta, this has MIDI song select and new commands available

Great that the update is out. How does Midi Song work? Couldn’t find guidance on the midi list in the post.

Good point! I edited the post with the following:

Thanks for your feedback!

Thanks! I’ll give it a try.

In August, Nvr2fst asked about the ability to mimmick the Aeros buttons/switches with MM, here.

Brennan answered that this would be available in 4.1.x, here.

I am looking through the new midi implementation in 4.1.2 but it doesn’t look like this is possible yet.

Start/Stop has been improved (CC:43). We can freely select Parts (CC:113). However, it doesn’t appear that we can select Tracks via midi nor can we duplicate the bottom right button (overdub/record).

Am I correct on this or am I missing something?