Copied midi fills do not work

Occasionally I don’t like a fill in a particular song because it starts late. I am having trouble with the Rock Beats Collection #7. When I copy over midi fill files, sometimes they start early and then leave dead air space for the last two beats of the measure. Or in some cases they won’t play at all and will hang up in play mode until I hit a pedal to clear it. Are there some compatibility rules about which fill files work and which will not?

Hey there, sorry for the delay in responding

If you are talking about copying fills from one song or song part to another and you are getting these issues, then it has to be with the firmware.

If you are editing them within a DAW, there could be other issues, like where you are setting your export regions.

To be sure you are exporting something without any issues, you could try importing the MIDI file back into your DAW and confirming it is the length you expected

Sometimes a small gap at the beginning or end may be present and setting more explicit export regions in your DAW will prevent this from happening.

You may find relevant posts to this elsewhere in the forum!

Thanks for the feedback, and let me know!