Copy and Paste Songs in BB Manager


It would be nice if we could have a copy/paste option in BBManager so we right click on a song from the list of songs and copy/paste it to make modifications keeping the original intact.

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There is another way also besides what is called out in the above thread. That is to land the cursor on the “Beat” or the “Fill” you want to copy and press Control-C (the border around it changes from green to white), then land the cursor on the tab where you want to copy it to (shows green) and press Control-V. This will copy whatever was chosen to the new location regardless where it’s at. If you’re trying to build a new song, go to the top of the list in BB Manager and click on the “New Song” tab. This will open up the blank spaces for the new song “Beats and Fills”. Copy using the above method and then land the cursor on the new song blank where you want to paste it and click Control-V and it will have copied your choice to the new location in the new song. Hope this helps besides the other method.
This method was pointed out by the support team.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

Thanks guys

Although I believe my suggestion is the quickest solution to duplicate songs these without a doubt help a lot so far.

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