Copy and Paste tip

Hey BB’s,
This tip is for those who don’t already have a quick and easy method for duplicating and customizing a song from existing beat sets.
for duplicating purposes, I don’t like exporting a song and re-importing it. When working with a lot of songs for a gig, I find this method a bid tedious and messy because I can loose track of the song in the folder of exports.
(I’m getting old… the less I have to search for things, the better.)
I like to keep everything in view and under my control but I want the process to be quick.
So, here’s what I do;
I like to duplicate a lot of my existing beats and customize them with a SONG titles and fills and then put them into specific “GIG” folders so I have them ready for the next set.
I create a NEW SONG right next to the SONG I would like to pull beats from.
Next, instead of COPY and PASTE I use CONTROL+SHIFT and DRAG the beat I want, from the existing song, to spot on the new song.
The use of CONTROL+SHIFT & DRAG makes the process much quicker than pulling up a menu option by right clicking or snapping it from the menu.
Once I’m done C+S Dragging the beats to where I want them, choosing my drum set and then my tempo, I change the song name and drag the whole creation into my designated GIG folder. Now the original beat is left untouched and where I want it in the library for future access and it’s duplicated, altered and labeled version is in the Gig folder in the order of the playlist.

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That was very helpful. I have been trying to figure out how to duplicate a song or simply copy it into a new folder. This is so much quicker than all the other tips out there that I have seen so far. Thank you.

I would still like to see the ability to copy from one folder and paste into another but until then, this works great.

Glad it helps you move quicker through the process.
'Just trying to bring order to the universe!
Carry on, Citizen!!

Don’t know where you got this from but I tried it and it works great. I duplicated a song in mere seconds. Unbelievable. Thanks for letting everyone know about this. I say everyone, because the forum spreads it out to everyone that reads it, even the support team. They might not have known about this either. Thanks a bunch for sharing this. You just cut my hours into mere seconds.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

Glad this tip helped.
Knowing how good the BB support team is, they will get the “duplicate song feature” implemented in a future version. (Probably sooner than later.)
For gig set list prep, it’s an obvious need for a lot of users.
Until then, this is the stress-free work-flow I use.

This is a good tip, but be aware that if you use the MIDI editor to change any patterns in the newly copied songs and save those changes, you will be making changes to the original patterns being pointed to by other songs. Those patterns in the source songs will be changed as well. The only way to prevent this is to export all of the patterns into new directories and import them from there.