Copy and pasting a bar

Is it possible to copy and paste a bar when creating a song. For instance, if my main loop or verse was the same as the 1st bar but was 16 bars long with an occasional stroke here and there. I want to copy and paste the 1st bar to the other 17 and just add the occasional strokes where needed.

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You can in the editor I use.

Which is?

Logic pro is great but there’s plenty of other midi editors out there. You can copy and paste all the beats you want

Ranging from free to shareware to commercial DAWs:
Area Maestosa
PreSonus Studio (there is a free version)
Logic Pro X
And other DAWs

This the question I’ve had for a long time , the answer is no you can’t do it in the BB editor which sucks,why they haven’t added that option is beyond me.You can do it in an external editor as everyone says there are free ones out there Audacity etc ,but its time consuming
I use my Mixcraft Acoustica software by right clicking on the pattern click on ‘export midi file’ it will go to a folder ,then I have to import from that folder to my mixcraft software by clicking ‘add sound file’.I then just extend the say 1 bar pattern to a 4 bar bar pattern.Save that and then go back to BB and ‘import midi file’ from there I edit ie ad a little snare shuffle or tom in 3rd bar.
Is that as clear as mud?lol