Copy instrument between sets?

Is there a straightforward way simply to copy one instrument (say Open Bongos from Latin) from one drumset to another? I can copy a full drumset and I can add instruments manually, but can’t seem to find a way to do it for a specific instrument within a drumset. On the Mac. Thanks.

No this is not currently possible, although it has been something I requested a while ago and Singular Sound said it was a good idea and would be implemented in the future - it should be in “feature requests”.

Ok, fair enough - and thanks for the prompt reply, sir! Next question: the WAV files used for the shipped drumsets - I cannot seem to find them as stand-alone files. So if I want to “copy” the bongos to, say, an Expanded_Rock set manually, do I have to track down or record appropriate WAVs or am I just missing a folder or something. (Again, thanks!)

Have a look here on how to do this:
or you may find them already extracted in the samples area of the forum here:

Outstanding! Muchas gracias.