Copy/Paste Songs? Playlist / Newbie questions

It seems I’d need a midi maestro to access Playlists? True? If that is so, would like to create a folder of songs by copying and pasting songs into a new folder - Copy/Paste doesn’t work in BB Manager. How would I do this? Also, when plugging in USB from BB to Mac, I get loud staticy sound from BB output. I disconnected output and it stopped - is that normal?

I can’t answer your first question however,

Create a new folder in the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) and name it
Select a song that you want to copy and use the BBM to export it to your desktop
Use the BBM to import the song from your desktop to your newly named folder.

I never had that issue. If you’re connecting the pedal via USB to export content from your BBM and if your Mac has an internal SD slot reader and you use it, data transfers would be much more reliable. If you don’t have the internal slot reader, it would be money well-spent to buy an external USB media reader/writer.