Copy Songs and Folders

I spent some time on Google trying to learn how to copy songs and folders but had no luck. Copy and paste doesn’t seem to do anything in the BeatBuddy Manager software. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Several features such as what you described have never been consistently implemented and maintained the BBM.

There are workarounds that involve a few more steps.

Looking in the Songs folder and inspecting the config.csv file suggests a way to copy folders, but I wonder if the hash file would mess things up.

Probably best to not try to do it manually outside of the BBM (using the OS). This usually leads to corruption of your bbworkspace. The songs and folders are managed by the BBM.

If you’re using BBM version 1.6.5 or, you can export the songs or folders and then reimport them e.g., export song 1 from folder A; select folder B and then import song 1. I’m sure other users have different workarounds.

Your suggestion worked like a charm. Thank you!