Copy Songs To Another Folder

Am I able to copy a song from one folder to another in BeatBuddy Manager?
I’m not looking to move it, I want to copy it and add it to my sets so I can have several versions with different tempos for gigs.

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I believe I had to export it first (export them all for backup purposes), then import it into a different folder.

Thanks Scudd,
I will try that later when I get home. Rather cumbersome… I hope that will be in a revision down the road.

I believe you can drag and drop between folders. If you can’t, you need to update to the newest BB Manager!

As @aashideacon said, there definitely is a way to move a song between folders. There is no explicit way to either copy or link it instead.
And exactly like @scudd said, a current workaround to copy a song is to export it (as a separate .SNG file), and then import it into another (or the same) folder.

Having an option to be able to link songs (so that if you change it one folder, it automatically gets changed in other folders, plus maybe have some additional unique features like different tempos in different folders) is on the list, yet as far as I know it is not very high on it at the moment.

AH, I get it. If you could COPY somehow, you can more easily (trivially!) make setlists. I don’t make a setlist ahead of time, so I just keep them in categorized folders (Rock, 70’s, 60’s, Country, etc). That means a bunch of bending over to change dirs though. I would think it would be very easy to make drag a move, and shift-drag a copy, in the Manager. I have never seen a problem with having the same song in multiple directories, and the song files are so small anyway.

+1 for shift-drag = copy!

I am always surprised when stuff like this is missed. I have a list of master songs and drag them to my setlist. The next time I make a setlist I drag them back to the master list. For stock beats copying songs to another would avoid having to export and then reimport it - but it does not take long, but it’s also not that intuitive to new users.

I assume you are also +1 for shift-drag :slight_smile:

Well, this is easy to implement. I’ll be adding this soon.

Right-click, copy, right-click paste for songs would be intuitive, standards compliant, and awesome.

I think we also need the concept of “Personal Library of Songs” in which we can drag-drop to create Friday’s setlist.

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This sort of exists… We can create folders that act like playlists, we just can’t copy/paste or drag/drop to them. We have to go through the export/import to the folder. That’s how I am managing my set.

Drag and drop for songs works, I use it all the time. However to create a copy you need to export the song and the reimport - hopefully this will get better in the future.

I think drag-and-drop-copy is on the Very Short List of things added Very Soon to the software. I think it will be implemented via holding shift down while dragging, as some other systems do.

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Daef, I don’t seem to be able to get a old of you very easy. What I want to talk to you about is Psalm 40 said you might be working on quantizing default drumsets and if so, I would like to get a copy or download these. I am having to spend a lot of time correcting the drumbeats using Beat Builder. There are some timing issues with the ends of the fills causing “Double Drumbeats” when it comes back into the “Main Beat”. This is happening quite frequently and I either have to lower the volume on the last Bass note or remove the last note in the fill to eliminate the double beat. Also, the timing on some songs are just terrible and they need to be quantized. I am also attempting this in Beat Builder but sometimes I spend way too much time trying to get this done. If you have quantized some of these, it would sure help. Try to reply when you get a chance.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

I guess this didn’t make it to any list for updates…

As a newcomer, should I assume that there is still no song linking (not copying) capability? I really want to create (folder) setlists that are links to songs rather than copies (so that changes to the linked song is reflected in all setlists linking to it). Am I missing something that should be obvious?

Hello, D-cent!

I have lost the track of BeatBuddy development some four years ago.

The thing I know for sure is that I’ve added the ability to drag-and-drop a song between folders somewhere in BBManager version 1.52-1.53.
1.60 should definitely have that, and to be honest, it was explicitly implemented as export-import operation :slight_smile: The underlying structure is a mess.

Thus, I cannot answer your question. Song linking was definitely not implemented back in 1.60.

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Thanks for the reply! It seems that Export, Import, repeat remains the only pathway for my needs…