Copying an instrument to another kit - what a pain!

I"ve had BB for years, but have yet to actually get to the point of playing along with it. I get frustrated with something and put BB away, then excited about something and work on it some more, and that pattern has duplicated over and over. I’m now just entering my frustrated period again.

Besides the frustration of trying to actually do some serious work with songs in the Manager, I’ve been determined to get my drum sets in order first. Mainly, making sure the instruments match up if I should want to switch to another set for a song (playing in a coffee house vs outdoor concert). And I’d like to add a little latin perc into all my sets for flavor.

This is all impossible without a way to copy / move parts of a kit or instrument or song, etc. I decided to actually try to add an instrument to one of the kits and I give up. I added an instrument, then clicked on ADD 5 times to create 6 volume levels. When I change the start/end values on one of the levels, it affects the others that I’ve already set!!!

I know I’m beating a horse that has had its share of whipping, but how can Singular expect anyone to recommend BB? It’s been years. Will the manager EVER be re-written?

I regularly add extra instruments to drum kits. Synths, Piano, strings, etc. Some kits are dedicated to one song. Patience is all that’s required.

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We hope to have a BBM2 soon that will improve the drumset/instrument creation and editing process, unfortunately there is not much we can do for BBM1.x.x

Thank you for your feedback

Thank you for the response, Brennan. Being a software developer myself, I understand the issues with getting a quality piece of code out the door so my apologies for the venting. I know there’s a light at the end of the tunnel — just want to know how many curves to go before I get to see it.