Copying songs to sd card

I bought a beat buddy last year and i have used it on occasion for a couple of songs from the default menu.
I finally have some time to select songs for a complete setlist and i have made a folder of .sng selections. I tried to copy them to an sd card but when i put the sd card in the beat buddy, it says “No Song”.
Did i skip a step? Do i need to copy the firmware onto that card too?
Any help would be appreciated. My computer crashed so i had to start from scratch.

It sounds like you’re not using the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) which is the content manager for the BeatBuddy (BB) and SD card.

If this is the case, you need to start by installing the BBM. This guide can help

I’d you are using the BBM, use File - Synchronize Project to SD card. If the menu entry is grayed out, use the Export - Project instead.

You might consider updating the firmware on your card but let’s see if we can get your content to display on the pedal again first.

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Isn’t the beat Buddy Loader better/simpler?

After much time and effort, i was finally able to save my project to an sd card. I bought several and i have 3 different brands. I was only able to download on the Sandisk card. The other brands are “onn” and “microcenter”. Is there a huge difference in sd cards? I would like to make copies but i would like to use the cards i have. They are all formatted to “FAT32”.

Since this topic was related to this thread you started, I merged your post to this thread.

The BeatBuddy pedal uses SDHC Class 10 SD cards and the capacity should range 4-32Gb. Anything less or more than 4Gb or 32Gb will not work properly. I’ve been using the Micro Center 32Gb SDHC cards for years without any issues. New out-of-the-wrapper SD cards are formatted to work on the pedal. There may be an exception to the format and that’s with cards that are high-speed cards for digital video and SLR cameras (SDXC?).

Check that your cards meet the above criteria (in bold font) and that they are unlocked (check the slide shutter on the side of the card).