Corazon Espinado 1.1 - Carlos Santana

Hi! this is the non-OP version of my previous file.

here you have in intro the full song until the solo then it goes to solo loop that you can play at leisure!! :) then to outro to finish.

same settings applies: tuned down to Am. Use a standard General Midi (GM) kit like the original StandardPbass.

reason: Corazon espinado has a lot of percussions so to play it correctly without fiddling around with every single percussion instrument, we have to use a kit that do not use the standard General Midi (GM) percussions mapping i.e. (64 to 88) for the bass, so basically the bass is mapped two octaves above (87-115) , if you want more details look at my post , hope you will enjoy this as well!

Download Here