Corner Case audio issue in 5.2.0

I did experience a loud click when switching from recording one part to playing an earlier one after installing 5.2.0. The click did not appear on subsequent playback of the parts, only when switching from record to playing back a different part.

Hi there,

You will need to provide

  1. Steps to reproduce
  2. video and audio of it happening

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Hi Brennan -

I won’t be able to provide video or audio of it happening because it happens rarely and I don’t have time to test 100+ times while recording video. Sorry if my description above didn’t give the steps to reproduce in enough detail. How’s this?

I’m using 6x6 mode. While the BB is sending MIDI clocks and time sig to the Aeros and using the MM to start record or pla
yback of parts:

  1. Start recording of the first part using CC 1 113 101
  2. After 8 bars, Start recording of the 2nd part using CC 1 113 102
  3. After 32 bars, Start playback of the first part using CC 1 113 101

At this juncture, there will occasionally be a very loud click through the system that’s playing back the Aeros content. But that click will not be present again when continuing to encounter the juncture between parts 2 and 1, it only appears when switching from record of the second part to playback of the first.

This may have something to do with the timing of the button presses and possibly that combined with what the audio content is at that moment, but I’ve yet to be able to pin this down since it happens so rarely. I’m happy that it only happens rarely, but it would be so much better if it never happened at all.

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Hey there,

Unfortunately, we are not able to reproduce it on 5.2.1 (currently being worked on internally) or 5.2.0. If you would like us to further investigate please send as much information as you can (including a link to this post) to as well as a video of you scrolling through your unit settings. If you happen to capture video of the bug happening this is always helpful too,

Thank you for reporting