Correctly Importing new “Hand Percussion” Drum set files.

First off let me thank you (Singular Sound) for the Free gift of “Hand Percussion” set. However, I am having some issues attempting to “Import” the set into my “Beat Buddy Manager” software? When I attempt to follow the instructions from your video, after I navigate to the zip folder on my desktop with the “Drum Set” files… I don’t see the .DRM extension? There are only one file type inside the zip folder one .PBF, and five song folders with the different types of songs. So my question is, how do I correctly import these files into my “Beat Buddy Manager” software, and onto my SD card? As yet I have not synchronized my SD card with the “Beat Buddy Manager” software on my laptop. Is that why I’m not able to do so?

I’m having the same exact problem…the video is not helping me unfortunately.

The free gift Hand percussion set is five songs, no new drum set… Or am I missing something? It is meant for the default percussion drums in BB (SFAIK)…

The five free hand percussion songs are really beats for the percussion drum set which is really the hand drum. You import the.pbf file and it sets it up in the beat buddy manager. Very Indian reggae.

I still don’t know if we need the *.PBF file. Does it includes Drum-Sounds?

No, it imports the Folder with its content of songs…:wink:

Oh thanks that was clear!