Cotton Avenue (in F#, OPBK) re-up - Joni Mitchell

From the Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter album.

Not a real popular or well known Joni album, but it’s one of my favorites. This song, Talk To Me, Jericho, and Offnight Backstreet are all awesome songs, but don’t get much play. The album was very jazz oriented, so it stayed under the radar, and some of the longer pieces are still not ones I’ve warmed to after 39 years. They are all quite listenable, but lack the staying power of the other 4, in my personal opinion. Your mileage my vary.

This was written in some version of C, although it goes very much outside of C. Joni’s tuning was CACFGC. It is fun to play it that way, but for singing, I had to find a key that worked, and it’s F#.

Use the NP Electric Jazz Trio kit or Electric Jazz Trio 3.

Includes: .sng, Chords and lyrics, my original midi, midi opbk part.

Download Here