Couldn't stand the weather. SRV. Dm OP and OPB

What Drum set/kit you using for Pride and joy ?

sorry if I’m being a pain …lol

No worries. I use the Standard kit. I use that for almost everything, it’s a good all-round kit.

(Actually, I use a modified version that tones down the toms a bit so they’re less in your face. That’s available here:

Cool thanks

If you search on the Resources part of the Forum for “Roll Your Own,” you’ll find several sets of wav files that I have already made that include some bass wavs. From there, it’s really just a matter of going into a drum kit and clicking add instrument, and start adding the wavs files to the locations were you are going to put the bass in the song. Now, you do have to keep the drum kit to 100mb or less, so with some of the more robust kits you would have to delete some of the existing multi-samples to make space.


This is a great version. I gig some of these out.
I have a Folder of 12 SRV songs that I use.

I sound fair to good on 6 so far. It’s a work in progress and it never comes easy :grinning: Here I am 3 days ago with a BB Pride and Joy “SONG”

so my question is :
Anyway you can double the length of the solo ?
I think it goes 16 bars on the original recording and only 8 on this “SONG”

wish it had a beginning as well but thats probably pushing it …lol

I don’t know if thats a big adventure and I apologize if it is.
FWIW I tried copy and paste to do that on Logic and man this stuff is hard. I can’t even get the “SONG” to play right to hear it correctly . I have learned how to transpose these tracks for 1/2 step down but thats about it

Thanks either way :pray: :guitar:

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Let me see if I can find a better MIDI source file.

Thanks much appreciated.

also I wa just listening again and its the beginning of the solo where it does 8 bars in D before it goes to the B

Here we are. That is the right version, if I understand you well. Here are 16 bars instead 8, before B. I checked it out. It works.
SRV_CSTW_long_solo_version.sng (13.3 KB)
Hope it’s ok for you.
Cheers and take care!

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Yes, it was tricky a bit, because the solo begins at half of the 75 th bar, there is a half bar plus and ends at half of the 83 th bar. I just exported the whole song as midi to Guitar pro, checked where is the problematic place, in this case 75-83 bar, then I imported this midi to DAW, enable to show grid lines as bars and beats. Just trimmed whole thing at half of 75 and at half of 83 and duplicated this piece. That’s all.

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The version I posted earlier in the tread has no bass, but it does have an entirely free-form solo in which you need to trigger the transition to the B.

By the way, loved the clip. What are you using for an amp and can you share a bit about the guitar you’re playing?

Wow thanks so much. I really appreciate it that was great. :guitar: :pray:

Now I feel like I can really rip on that solo :vulcan_salute:

JoelInOttawa said:
“By the way, loved the clip. What are you using for an amp and can you share a bit about the guitar you’re playing?”

My guitar and setup ?

Yes please!

You’re welcome dude! Keep bluesin’!

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And your sound is awesome in the clip. Grats.
It’s not too easy to find SRV tone.

You guys are gonna laugh

Stratocaster > XVive wireless > $39 JOYO- JF-14 > mixing board.

I have a Ibanez TS 808 that I put before the JOYO JF–14 but I don’t remember if I had it on or not ? Probably ON maybe ?

I use a Xvive wireless so I can walk out in front and do soundcheck while i’m playing. Sometimes I throw on a mask ( COVID ) and walk around the crowd. The owner loves when I do that and the audience does as well but honestly , I do it for the sound check as sometimes i need to adjust. stuff.

Here’s a demo of the JOYO JF-14

Really a great pedal and a no brainer for a gigging guitarist. Everybody should have one in there glove box of there car as a backup IMO. Ive got 4 Vintage Fender Guitar Amps that I don’t even use anymore since I bought that pedal.

I have 5 Stratocasters and the 3 I gig out have Dimarzio VV Pickups.
67, 67 and a Virtual Solo.

Looking at the video that was a Dimarzio 67 Neck Pickup

Thanks Man.

Its’ really all about using a Strat and that JOYO JF-14. and Kicking on the TS808 for Solo’s.
Make sure its before the JOYO JF-14.

here’s another clip from the same place From july or august.

For some reason I can’t embed these ? but here’s the link

I dont remember what pickup I’m using or if the TS808 is on ?

Probably the Bridge pickup and the TS808 is on maybe ?

The 67’s are very Vintage sounding low output pickups. Thats what You need for that SRV sound.
The Virtual Solo still sounds very much like a Vintage Strat pickup but it has some bass, midrange and is higher output so It well distort or rock harder. A 67 in the Bridge would be way to bright and thin sounding for my taste YMMV unless you roll back the tone a little and use the TS808…


Honestly, my opinion is, that real sound comes from hands. What’s the SRV preset, as asked sometimes on forums. So, SRV preset is SRV’s right and left hand and his genius. I think, SRV could do the same on a broomstick. LOL.
Of course, a good strat, amp, even drive can help, but first thing is the right hand.

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Totally agree with that ^^^^^