Couldn't stand the weather. SRV. Dm OP and OPB

Here is SRV’s Couldn’t stand the weather. One press version. Working with Rock W bass. No intro, because it’s pretty free. After intro, which you have to play alone, press start, 4 count in, then follows the main riff and whole song exactly as it is. I was bothered a lot with short bass sounds in the main riff, but I did not succeed. In the source midifile it’s correct, but after transpose it in the DAW, the short accents become long. I don’t know why. Enclosed the source midi, maybe somebody knows solution. The source midi needs known transposing for working with some of the drumsets.
Later I try to improve this problem also. Until then, enjoy this version.
Couldn’t stand the weather.rar (11.5 KB)

Thanks for including your working MIDI file. I’ve worked up an OPB version; even though I lowered the bass velocity, it may still be a little too loud. I also lowered the snare rimshot. Uses NP StdPBass 63-91 kit. Has the edited MIDI file so you can see what I did.

Couldn’t Stand The Weather Song (13.4 KB)

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Thanks a lot. It’s a really nice improvement and life-saver, as I want to play it in the gig on the weekend. Bothered a lot of time with it, but didn’t want to succeed, despite, that it seemed simple. Your version is perfect! Worth to upload midifiles too.

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I’ve built a version of it with all the weird pauses, front and back, but it’s not OP and it has no bass. So, not much help there, I suppose…

Thanks. Persist improved my version and this is fine. But can you send me your version. This is just drum parts, isn’t it? In case, when I want to play this special song with live bassplayer, I will need it. Which other songs you’ve built? I’m interested.

I’d be happy to share the song if someone can remind me how to bundle a song file up…

Export song from BBM; File > Export > Song
Click on the forum upload button; From My Device: Choose Files; press Upload

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Okay, I’ll try that:
Couldnt Stand the Weather.sng (10.1 KB)

The solo is a bit free-form, so the last pattern starts at the bridge out (where the solo breaks away from the root/1).

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I should also note that I’ve programmed it with a bit more heaviness to the drums, per the way my own full band used to do it, which itself takes cues from the live versions I’ve seen.

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Thank you! Very good job! Have you built other songs in this genre. SRV, Hendrix etc. 60-s, 70-s, though SRV is early 80-s. I would be very grateful if you shared with me or the others here. In return I may offer my built songs, but they are with bass, because I play a lot alone. You can find those here, in the forum, under my profile.
Thaks again and cheers.

The only other song we do that fits that genre is SRV’s Pride and Joy, which you can see in action, here:

So, I haven’t much else to share.

I should also say that I am a bit reluctant to share too much, largely because I don’t like to undermine the ability of Singular Sound (and others who do this for a living) to sell their libraries of songs, but also – full disclosure – because of the amount of work that goes into creating these files. Couldn’t Stand the Weather, for example, was about eight hours in production.

Now, I don’t think the main ‘unfair competition’ part of my feelings applies to with-bass files, because I haven’t seen any of those for sale on the Singular site, but I also don’t (know how to) create those. And I have no negative feelings at all about people who do share songs extensively. This is is just a personal choice.

Anyway, while I don’t mind sharing the odd thing here and there, I don’t want to be the guy that pollutes the pool that some people depend on for a living.

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Yes, you are right. Thanks again for sharing this one.
Good luck!

No worries! And, again, just to be absolutely clear, I have no issue with people sharing. I just don’t like to compete with the people who help me get gigs. :slight_smile:

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What Drumset works with this that has Bass or does it not work with bass ?

Would love to have that if possible thanks

Because I have a bass player, I didn’t set this one up with bass. Sorry…

Okay that makes sense.

Great job btw and Thanks for it !!!

No worries! This might be a good time for you to learn how to add bass to a kit…


I’d love to learn how to do that. It seems all so hard to do and I have no idea where to begin ?

It took me forever to figure out how to get the bass to work on these songs …lol

How MIDI-savvy are you from the instrument programming side? You basically have to choose notes not being used by the BB and map new bass notes to them – both in the MIDI file and the in the drumset. That’s a pretty big oversimplification, but I think @Phil_Flood might be our resident expert.

Not good at MIDI at all. Never did MIDI. ;(

I have a MAC and I use Logic Pro X if that helps with info