Count in 2 measures

I am wanting a 2 measure count in with beat buddy, is this possible? How to make this change?

Hello there,

This is not possible but you could make your own custom intro that plays the metronome sound (all drumsets have it on note A0) and load that as the intro using the BeatBuddy Manager

Not to step on @BrennanSingularSound’s toes here, but do you mean you want a "ONE (and) TWO (and) ONE TWO THREE FOUR type of thing? So two 4-beat bars, for example?

If that’s what you mean, the BB will play whatever you give it as an intro. Several of the one-press songs are entirely the intro part. So, yep, totally doable, you just program a MIDI file and you’re good to go.

If that’s not what you mean, pardon my interruption.



Hey, no worries

We are saying the same thing in different ways, they need a custom MIDI file as the intro that plays the metronome (or any sound of their choosing) for x number of bars.

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