Count-in broken after firmware beta upgrade

Hi! I was already having problems with getting songs to save on the Aeros and, at Jay’s suggestion, I downloaded and installed the latest firmware beta in the hope that it would solve the problem. I haven’t even gotten to check that yet because now the looper won’t count in, no matter how many count-in measures I set. Help!

Have you already recorded something onto the song? Count in is only active when recording the first track on a song.
Would count-in for playback be something you’d find useful?

No, I haven’t already recorded anything onto this sing. And yes, I know it won’t count in after recording the first track of the song. This is with creating a brand new song.

I don’t think count-in for playback would be all that useful, but count-in for overdubbing a track or recording a new track onto an existing song part from stop (as well as count-in for recording/overdubbing a new song part onto an existing song from stop) would be handy.

Also, with the new firmware, if I try to press the “home” button from the loop studio screen, it tells me I have unsaved additions to the song, even if I’ve already saved. It then asks me to save, which I do, but it doesn’t send me to the home screen. It just kicks me back to the loop studio. I hit the home button again and the same thing happens all over.

Also, thank you so much for the quick reply!

Ok, so I just messed with it some more and here’s what I figured out:

Deleting all of the data from a previously named/saved song (using a long press from the start/stop FS) does not restore the count-in. But starting from scratch with an unsaved song does count in.

Regarding getting back to the home screen: the playlist/song selection button on the loop studio screen also kicks back to the “you haven’t saved” popup and will not take you to the playlist screen after saving. The only way to get out of the loop studio screen appears to be the green button in the upper left.

Ok… the home and songlist buttons now seem to work. The only difference I can think of is that there is now more than one song saved on the Aeros. Would that make a difference?

Also, while I’m thinking of it, is there a proper procedure for turning it off? Or can I just turn the power switch off from any screen?

I’m sorry my questions are all over the place here.

Ok, after further testing:

If you record a song part for the first time, whether or not it’s the first song part of the song, from stop, it counts in. If you stop, undo so that the track/song part is empty, and try to record again, there is no count-in.

I will get to all these questions, but first, are you using the Aeros + BeatBuddy synced? Or another MIDI clock?

Are you undoing the track or clearing the song?

I’m using the aeros alone, not synced to any other devices.

And are you clearing or undoing the track? Clearing is the only way to make count in work correctly, having an undone track in the song part will keep Aeros from counting in.

OK, I see that now. Clearing the track but undo doesn’t. Getting a count-in after undo would be really helpful at some point in the future.

This is a known bug, but not to worry, although it keeps asking you to save it does actually save the first time you say yes. After saying “yes” once hitting “no” will still result in song being saved and will allow you to leave loop studio page

Making sure that you were undoing not clearing here, right? If you clear the tracks does this function work correctly?

What exactly do you mean, did it create the same file more than once? Could you take an image of this?

You can turn off from anywhere, just make sure you save your song first! Keep in mind saving merges all current overdubs to the base tracks.

As far as the count in for undone tracks, I’m not sure there’s much difference between this and re-recording after clearing all tracks.