Count in for each parts for the multi tempo

Possible to have a count in for each parts?
When using the multi tempo and switching to the next part, the Beatbuddy change immediately the tempo
But it’s difficult to adjust the play style on the right moment. Could be fine to have a time before recording on the next part


I would like this option as well. It would be nice to be able to have the count in on each track too if you wanted. Could this be added as an optional feature in the settings that could be turned on or off?



This is not how count in is envisioned to work, if you don’t like the feel of multi tempos why not stick to one tempo?

Having count ins every time a transition is started or a recording is started while in any state seems confusing and breaks the flow of the music.

If you wish to have count ins for recording purposes and the music’s flow is less important, you can always stop the Aeros and start it again in the new part with the count in enabled for all recordings.

There is no reason to use multi-tempo if it poses challenges to playing correctly.

Try learning about a musical practice called tempo modulation. Basically, find a new tempo by having the new tempo’s beat equal to 1 + 1/4 beats in the old tempo, for example. This is one way professional musicians try to feel tempo changes that are not so straightforward.

I didn’t think about that. good idea

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I would just add the measures in between the BB song parts - or make it the transition fill?