Count-in for Playback without Midi Clock (BB?)

Hi all,
Am I missing something, or is the following still in the works? Is there any way to get a “count-in” for song playback when not connected to a BB or MIDI clock? You can get a count-in for recording, but I can’t seem to get one for playback.

This makes it tougher to start playing along at the exact start of a song without.

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In the menu of the BB is an option for the start, it can eighter be none- count-in- intro…, just push the tempo and the drumset button simultainously and choose the correct menu item to set the start.
Depending if there is an intro ithe bb will play the intro if there is none it wil do the count in.
But maybe you already knew that

@renevmind – Yep I did – I’m talking here about the Aeros playback WITHOUT a Beat Buddy – For those situations when I have a human drummer. :slight_smile:

oops I didn’t read that, can’t help you with that.

Hi. I would like to see this implemented.

I record saved tracks via cabs and microphones by pressing the start/stop button, and because there is no count-in for playback, loud pop click of pressed button is recorder as well,which is pretty annoying.

I want to be able to initialize playback silently somehow. Via count-in, or even via BT and mobile app!

Thank you for your consideration.