Count in intro?

Ok I give up how the heck do you set the count in intro ?The manual says Select
Settings>Main Pedal>Intro>Count In
However on the pedal itself when I go Settings>Main Pedal the next one says >Intro Fill not Intro and then if I do indeed click on ‘intro fill’ the next screen says Enable or Disable options.
Ok I may be stupid and Im willing to accept that.All Im asking for is some help pleaaase what am I doing wrong,why does my setting option not say what it says in manual?

I think the user guide was written for firmware 1.8.5. Is that what you’re using? If not, give that a try and get back to us.

Arrrrgh yes Ive finally figured it out last night.You are spot on I didnt have the latest Firmware.I downloaded it and
“hey presto!!”.
While Im here what are appropriate footswitch/pedal settings so I can pause with footswitch and while paused hold down main pedal to end song.The reason why I want to do this is so I can stop song by one click on pause and then just hold down main switch without double tapping to finish which i find a pain and I still want to keep the accent option for right side switch.Sorry if this is wrong thread to ask this question