Count in only works when recording

I’m a new user of BB + Maestro + Aero.
The products are working great and the sound quality is very good.
I have one problem: when I start a filed song (playback) on the BB, I have no count in, like I have, when I record a song. When recording, then the count in works perfectly. Starting the playback I hear the count in together with the first measure when I starting the song.
I would like to prepare and file several songs for the church, which I start and then sing and play guitar-solo or harp together with the prepaired playback. When I perform I don’t need to record new tracks.

Which parameters do I need on BB and on Aeros to have the count in with the playback?
I watched all the tutorial videos and looked inside the manual, but I couldn’t find an answer yet.

Thank you for your help.

regards, Claus from Germany, Blackwood

you speak about the count in of the looper (the click track) I guess ?
On the BB>settings>main pedal> count in selected, this disable the intro
On the Aeros > settings select the click routing you want (main or Aux out) and select ON if you want it all the time
Or OFF if you want it just before the recording
Select the volume can be done too

I don’t mean the continuous click of the AEROS.
I speak about the Intro-click (one measure) of the BB.

I want to hear this intro click of the BB, before AEROS ist starting the playback of a ready prepared song.
This works fine, when I start a new song but not with prepared songs.

greetings, Claus

Do you check if the Count in of the BB is “enable” ,
BB>settings>main pedal> count in

Yes, it is enabled and it does work when I start recording.

Hello, yes the count in is currently only possible if the song is not recorded to, we are looking into reworking the click settings but this is not currently a priority,

Thank you for reporting