Count-In Volume and Sound Control

Just got a BB and love it so far. Use it with a Kurzweil K2600X keyboard. This keyboard has up to four switch pedal input jacks, so I use three pedals into the keyboard and then MIDI to the BB. The pedals trigger “fill” and “transition” (the third pedal is sustain). Works great! Many thanks to the BB team for continuing to add functionality to the device and software.

Here is my question:
I use the count-in option. However, it is too loud for the church I play at. I haven’t been able to find any documentation or posts about how you can change the count-in volume and/or the sound. I believe it can be done, based on user created count-in downloads that are available from this site, but I would like to learn how to modify the count-in. Does anyone know how to do this? I would appreciate any help!


Use the Beat Builder to edit the midi velocity of the beats.

Thank you very much, Mike. I found the Beat Builder download and the program looks very good. What/where is the count-in midi file that I edit, though? I assume that it is somewhere in the BeatBuddy Manager Workspace? What is the file name?


right click the song’s intro midi … bbmgr opens to adjust levels .

I want to edit the default “count-in” midi file, not a particular song’s intro. I don’t use song “intros”, I have configured BB to always use the single-sound count-in beat (Main Pedal > Intro > Count in). This “beat” is what I want to edit. Do you know where that file is?


AFAIK, no can do. You can use the count ins I’ve posted in the resources section - midi files and adjust the velocity of the notes in those files.

You’ll have to put the resulting file into the intro section of each song.

OK, got it. Thank you very much for your help!

You’ll see that I put some phantom notes in the files at the start of the next measure after the intro. For reasons unknown to me, the BB wants to see something on the first beat of the second measure to align with the start of the first main fill so don’t take those notes out.

I confirmed this behavior with Goran, the author of most of the beats for the BB.

Very good to know, thank you for the tip. I’m sure that I would have “fixed” it by removing what I didn’t understand was required! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for all of your replies and help, everyone. The existence and help from this community was certainly one of my top reasons for deciding to purchase a BB. Hopefully, I’ll be able to “pay back” to the forum, as I get to learn more about the BB.

Our church band was without a drummer last weekend and we had two services that day. The BB worked great as a substitute. One tip - we like to end the songs with a ritard but the BB doesn’t do that. I cut the BB off one ending early and we finish without the drums sometimes to accommodate a slower ending.

It would be cool if you could use a continuous controller foot pedal to adjust the BB tempo. I haven’t tried doing that. There is some MIDI control in the BB for tempo, but the way I understand the user manual’s explanation, you have to “tap” the controller - it doesn’t recognize a continuous controller for this. Again, I haven’t tried it and I may be misinterpreting the MIDI user manual.

Somebody posted to this forum how they built a tempo controller that worked with the BB. If you’re interested, you can search for it.

There are ways to program sliders to do this and I’ve experimented with using my iPhone and something called Guitar Wing as external controllers but it got to be too much stuff to have around during a live performance.