Count-in volume


I'm a solo singer-songwriter & new BB user. Loving it now after a somewhat steep initial learning curve; I needed some simpler fills on some songs than what I was initially hearing, but with the addition of Gig Basics & Elements (thanks for making those available!) and the miracle of cut & paste (which has been fun), I'm on my way. Have played one show with it, but am still making adjustments. My question: I've disabled the intros and have been using just the count-in instead. This is working okay, but I'd rather have the count-in be much quieter, so that I'm hearing it more than the audience. Is there a way to lower the volume on the count-in only?   Apologies if this has already been answered--I wasn't able to find it. 
  Thanks in advance!   ~Amy

I assume by “count in” you have a count-in midi file situated in the “Intro” section of the BB manager. If that’s the case, you simply have to edit the midi file and lower the velocity of the midi notes.