Count ins issue

I have been using the BeatBuddy for over a year with good success, but the other night, I clicked to start some of the tunes at a gig and the “click count” that I have programmed on the sticks line in BBM was not playing fully. Sometimes I would hear a bit of noise at the start, and then the next 3 beats would drop out. The rest of the song would then continue normally. On one other song the rhythm faded away in the middle of the verse rhythm. Anybody else experience this?

I get this if I’m changing drumsets cfrom song to song and don’t wait long enough for the drums to load. Could that be it?

I don’t think so. While I probably have done that in the past, and it’s not impossible, after we started having the issue I was pretty conservative about everything I was trying. It also would not explain why the volume disappeared in the middle of the song later on in a main verse loop. Needless to say, when I got home I could not reproduce the problem. I guess I will just have to keep an eye on it for now.

Sometimes it could be due to momentary fluctuations in power. Some performers use power conditioners as a part of their rigs.

It could also be a possible indicator that your SD card is aging. Recommend that if you aren’t already doing so, that you have a backup SD card with you at gigs. If it happens again, switch to your backup card and see if the issue repeats.

It may be the electrical issue. I do always carry a back up SD card and swapped it out to try it. It did work temporarily but then some of the problems came back later on. I am using a Strymon Ojai power supply which is supposed to give me 9 V, but it was kind of a dicey old building we were playing in, so it very well could be the electrical.

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