Count us off

Can you have a count in the metronome section that we could put as an introduction. That way it would sound like the drummer is clicking a 4 count with his sticks before the song starts?

Yes, this has been discussed here numerous of times.

However some want a proper stick count in, for that you would need samples of stick being hit with a stick. If you just want a midi file the link above has some that users created which you can use instead of an intro dum fill. In a midi editor you can then change what note it plays and thereby what sample.

Sorry for asking a redundant question. I ordered my BB in July and just received it last week. I have a lot of catching up to do on learning how to use it. I’ll try to search the forum better before posting a question. Thanks for the reply!

I created and uploaded cross-stick intros a while back.

Have a look here:

I need a cross-stick intro, but the links on this chain are broken, can you repost?

This was a very old thread, when the count-in was not an option for the BeatBuddy.
In the latest firmware versions there is a setting on the pedal (press both Tempo and Drum Set knobs simultaneously to access it), that will enable you to use a count-in.