Country Beats Collection

Anyone with an opinion of or experience with the Country Bears Collection ?


It’s fantastic

That does it for me then, going shopping :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve got it too, love it, it has more useable country beats than the once standard provided. I’v also got the all in 3 mega pack for the 3/4 beats. The 3/4 beats are also very view on the BB.

Bought the pack. Maybe a stupid question but do I load the pack onto the sd card that came with Beatbuddy ?

You can if you want to, yo can put it in any project you prefer. You can also put it in a seperate project and copy the songs you need to your main project.

Thank you. I will put on original card. I am in BB Manager now, looks like a minefield and have copied the card to be safe :crossed_fingers:

All done, great package very glad I bought it, however my wife is researching soundproofing materials :slightly_smiling_face: