Country Song request so I can perform with my Dad before he passes

Hi I have not seen my Dad in 13 years and we finally scraped enough to fly over and see him. he’s not doing well and I fear this may be the last time I get to be with him.
long story short I get the chance to play a few songs on stage with him. I usually play solo so I am hoping practicing these songs with the beat buddy will help me when I go to play with him. We may end up using the beat buddy too if my brother does not drum.

anyway the songs I have not been able to find are,

Blue Melody (George Strait) key of D
The Cowboy rides away (George Strait) need a new upload for that one key of G
Till I Gain control Again (Blue Rodeo version) key of D
Seven Spanish Angels (Adam Harvey version) Key of D
It wont Hurt (Dwight Yoakam) G#

Im greatful for anything; With Bass, No Bass even standard song selections that would work.

Thanks so much in advance for any help anyone maybe able to provide.

This will be most important gig of my life. for all those years before I moved overseas I never played so I couldn’t play with Dad, now I play and well…its going to be pretty special for me.

Here’s G Strait .good luck til I can gain control … personal Rodney Crowell fave.
Chart plays like the record.

Seven Spanish Angels D … It’s a loop & op (in the fill) …whichever works for ya. :wink:
Stax Organ & Brass
Never heard of Adam Harvey, sorry .

Thank you for those.

I found one … This intro uses a 4 chord 2x instead of the D then sus… (weird) ? the rest plays accordingly.
I tagged the ending more like the Rodney Crowell version & left the one chord vamp in .
BRodeo had it going to the 4 chord … this midi lost me at the end, so I changed it.
good luck :wink:

Your awesome can’t wait to try this when I get home.

Is there a link to the Drum kit I can’t see it anywhere? Or suggestion of an alternate kit that works?

Yes, It’s Phil Floods NP Bosendorfer Jazz Trio Spread XRp kit. I’m guessing it’s in this folder
I updated the pdf the main was 2V ch… great song . fun to jam.
I remember watching Albert Lee solo on this w Rodney Crowell & Emmylou Harris singing . magic :wink:

Thanks again, I agree its a great song and Emmylou Harris is magic with it.

If you need help w these let me know . :wink: