County Count-in

I’m 70 years old and still trying to learn tech. Does any one have a country shuffle count-in that they would share with me so I can get an idea of how to make one?
Thanks Skip

Tell me what you mean by that, I may already have something you can use.

I’m trying to set up a count-in like 1,2,3,4, using a shuffle beat. This is for a Merle Haggard song silver wings.

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Isn’t there a directory of counts included in the basic setup? I thought there was. And I’m having an issue uploading. Check your base files and I’ll see what I can figure out…

Hi William,

If you want to create a shuffle beat there are various ways of doing so.

Are you using a DAW to create the beat?

Load up a drum set, then go to piano roll.

Set to 4/4 for the beat.

Put an instrument entry on each beat. Could be anything from Side Stick to Ride.

Now that you have an entry for each beat look to see how each beat is divided.

There should be a beat division selection menu somewhere ie 1, 2, 4, 8, 12, 16, 24, 32 etc

Select 12

This will divide each of the 4 beats by three giving you 12 vertical lines in a bar. 3 per beat.

A count of 1, trip, let, 2 trip, let, 3 trip, let, 4 trip, let.

This of course will not be displayed by the DAW. It will only show you the vertical lines.

You should have the beats filled in with your selected piece of drum kit.

1 ~ ~ 2 ~ ~ 3 ~ ~ 4 ~ ~

Miss out the second division line and put another instrument entry on the third line in the beat.

1 ~ x 2 ~ x 3 ~ x 4 ~ x

and that is the basis for creating a shuffle beat in 4/4. Some people use 12/8 as well.

Export the midi file.
Load into BB Manager
Copy Project onto SD Card

Let me know how you get on with this?

Kind regards

Rodney : )

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Thanks very much. I’m working on it.