Couple of MIDI questions for devs

So, CC 114 definitely starts song playback, yes? And is it value 0 or 127 (standard MIDI is 0 = off 127 = on) and further, on other commands that are a single command, IE no variables like tempo, volume bank and song etc) why do you have noted a value field of 0-127? Surely it should be just on or off?

Curious is all…oh and btw, cc114 on ch 16 at either 0 or 127 does not work (MM to BB) - ch 1 in factory mode does work…I recall reading somewhere there is a bug in the firmware that only allows MM to use channel 1???

As defined in the BB MIDI CC sheet, any CC114 command with a value larger than 0 starts playback.

I am not seeing any issue with the command being received/sent on ch 16, please let me know if you are using the command from a custom mode or from a default mode, thank you!

Hey Brennan, my bad…I needed to enter 01 in the entry field not either 0 or 127…I checked via midi-ox what the factory start stop was doing and discovered it needs to be 01. Channel is fine :slight_smile:

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Glad you’re all good!