covers 1-10 and beatles pack....where's the fills and transitions?

I just downloaded the entire covers songs catalog and the beatles mega pack. now, im not real familiar anymore with these cover songs but when I pull them up in the BB manager I don’t see much in the form of fills and transitions…especially in the beatles songs. Am I just that unfamiliar with the covers songs or am I supposed to download some kind of fills and transitions files package? thanks !

Not all the packages have fills and transitions. The cover songs packages specifically are composed to match the drum patterns of the songs themselves, which may not necessarily include any fills or transitions.

yes, but is there a specific reason for that? is it because some of the songs dont actually even have fills or transitions…just straight forward beats? please explain so i know whether i need to add some of my own?

You certainly have the flexibility to add your own.

According to the folks that recorded and assembled the package is that you “can simply copy regular fills already present to transition fill locations and they will work just as well. The only difference between regular and transition fills is what comes after them.”