Cow bell

How do I get cow bell
And also do we have autopilot yet.
I don’t see it in my settings.

Autopilot is not available yet.

Unless you have one of the older versions (1.0), of the default content, cowbell is a part of most of the v2.0 (and above) default drum sets.

You can use the built-in MIDI editor to examine the drum sets and to program the cowbell notes.

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To further elaborate, although most of the v2.1 default drum sets (for example, the Standard or Rock kits) include the cowbell, it doesn’t necessarily mean that any of the default beats have been programmed to use the cowbell. If the song or beat isn’t served by the cowbell, they probably aren’t programmed. However, you may find some of the Premium Library Content artist or songs that were part of hit volumes (songs that were originally recorded with cowbell) might include the cowbell.

User-created content might include cowbell if the MIDI source file used it. Nothing stops you from adding any drum instruments you want to your beat or song.

Just ask Bruce Dickinson :rofl: