Cracks in wav-fie

does anybody knows how to remove the crack at the beginning of the wave file with audacity?

Had the same problem. I moved the little selector to the right and got away from the initial crack sound. Sometimes you need to move it several times to get a nice smooth start. Give it a go.

You are selecting the entire sample minus the very start of the wave.

It is the same problem that is talked about in this thread only at the start of the WAV file.
If you zoom right in on the start of the wav you will see is starts on a positive value and this will cause the click or pop. if you start the wav when it crosses the zero point the wav will play with no click. I think there is an option to add a fade in somewhere or just delete the part of the file between the start and the zero.

Thank you for all this suggestions but when i read the thread above i think i have no chance to eliminate this crack because the same problem is at the end (when i stop playing) of the wave file. At this time i cannot distinguish is the crack gone at the beginning of the wave file or is it still here because i hear it too much.

The problem has not normally been at the beginning of the file. when a new note is played it cuts short the old note and that is mainly when the pop or crack is made. Apparently the next beatbuddy manager version will have a fix for the bass.

There is a setting in Audacity to mute sound.[ATTACH=full]3356[/ATTACH]

will this muting solve the problem?

I tried it but i think its not getting better?