Crash on reaching time limit

I’ve been able to record a single track and reach the time limit of about 2:30 and it stops recording and starts looping automatically using the latest beta. Aside from the short time limit, this behavior is as expected.

This evening I had two tracks laid down and then reached the limit on the 3rd only. It was around 2:30 in length that it stopped recording that track and looked like it started to save and start the full loop over but the screen went black and the logo popped up and froze right there.

Update: Upon reboot, the first track was still complete on the song but the two following tracks didn’t save.

Apologies if this crash has been posted before.

2:30 in 2020… hope they’re going to work on that limitation.

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WHAT IS THIS silly limitation? I go to record a simple, single mono track with all default settings, non quantized, no length, it suddenly starts looping at a random spot, about 2 minutes in.
This is certainly a bug, or there is something i’m doing wrong. I’m using the 3.2.2


Hello there, this is not a bug, this is a limitation on song part length of 2:30, we are experimenting with allowing a song part to use up to the full song limit, but we haven’t gotten there just yet. We apologize that this is a drawback for your workflow, but the Aeros is not meant to handle long song parts, it is meant for short parts that become the greater whole.

Some things are best realized with more conventional recording methods, the Aeros is not meant to replace the functions of a DAW ecosystem like Ableton.

It’s a bug if the unit crashes, freezes, or fails to record when hitting any limit.

Those limits suck, and if you’re going to have them, the device has to handle that “properly”, not crash, freeze, or otherwise fail.


Waxing a bit on the prophetic side? :wink:

The crash is not happening in this case, it is only on full songs, that is a bug, the song stopping recording is not a bug it is functionality that will be denoted in the next version of the manual (just realized we missed this note in specs), whether it is preferable is another matter. I will say that the lack of a notice is a bug, and that is something we hope to tackle after we finish Lock Tracks, memory fixes are next on our docket.

It’s not able to handle long song parts. That’s quite different.

I don’t think glossing over a limitation with “we don’t think that’s something you should want to do” is good form. Just admit it’s a technical limitation: it’d be nice if it wasn’t there (since there are no drawbacks to having long limits, it would definitely be better not to have them), but we have to live with it.

As an aside: if there is a limit like that, I think the manual documenting it is only a secondary concern – it would be nice if there were some sort of visual feedback to let us know when it’s coming up… progress bar style.


It is a set limitation, there is no “should”. All systems have their intention, and that is defined by its limitations. We don’t mean to replace traditional recording systems that you can record to as long as you have memory available on your drive and your computer doesn’t crash. This is a limitation and users will have to find ways to make it work for them. We are exploring what we can do on the matter, so this could change at some point.

In reality, this is a different topic than the one we are on, if anyone wants to open a new discussion on the subject they are free to do so. Otherwise, please keep further comments pertinent to the original posting.

Well, you know, based on the original Aeros hype, I thought that I would be able to load a backing track onto Aeros and jam along with it. The whole minutes per song thing is grossly misleading. as is doesn’t mean I can have a track approaching that limit. But, even given that, I have stuck with the device. However, recent statements and comments about how Users have developed the OP process have lead to believe that I am not welcome or appreciated. My Aeros will be for sale next week. You have made it clear that it will never meet my needs. The Midi Maestro will likely follow it in short order, as your efforts to make a usable app for iOS are pitiful, at best. You have chosen to treat the Beat Buddy as your company’s poor stepchild. You have done literally nothing to address usability concerns that have been present for years - no sorting, inability to cut and paste, and the poor midi editor. I’ll continue to use the BB, but my days of being a contributor to this “process” have ended.


Perhaps it would be helpful if SS were to shed some light on what other limitations users can expect with the hardware, software and firmware of the AEROS, the MIDI Maestro and the BeatBuddy.

Of course I’m being sarcastic as what I really think SS should be sharing is the KEY PERFORMANCE PARAMETERS of the AEROS (and their other devices) so users are less inclined to be disappointed when they uncover these so-called limitations.

Cannot blame you one bit. I don’t use the Aeros and won’t buy one, just based on the comments on the forum. And, the BB had long since been forgotten…when was the last major upgrade? I can’t even remember. And… who cares about auto-pilot if the basic issues and “wants” haven’t been addressed. I’m tired of dealing with the endless directory nesting issues that crap up my hard drives. I’m tired of having to play songs from the beginning over and over because there isn’t a FF/REW/PAUSE feature. And why can’t the midi id# travel with the song?
I’ve backed off posting new tunes also because of OP “bias” shall we say? Plus, the platform (BBM) just works against me.
I could go on and on, but what’s the point?


You have a good point there. I suspect SS sees it differently and can rationalize their marketing spin of “20 minutes per song”, but this was a disappointment. Love the pedal and they will have to pry it from my hands…

Let me clear the air,

I had no point said that we are not making the songs capable of handling Backing tracks, in fact, that is one of the things we are most keen on finding a solution to and is the main reason we will likely revisit the two minute and a half song limit. We apologize for the amount of time that you’ve had to wait for this feature, we feel like it should be out already, too! We have, since taking on this project, totally reimagined what we saw the Aeros as capable of doing. We have also realized how difficult it can be to do things correctly and reach a point where we are comfortable sharing that progress.

We have no intention of scrapping backing tracks, that was never our intention, in fact, it is the opposite of our intention. Backing Tracks is going to be a complicated feature but that does not mean we have given up, we just want to build this feature on a stronger unit and we are getting close to that point.

It is definitely unfortunate that the Aeros as is does not work with your setup and workflow, and it is totally understandable that the Aeros is not perfect for you right now. We hope that we can soon change your mind, and in fact I am confident we will be able to.

As to the MIDI Maestro, we agree with you: the apps are nowhere near where they need to be right now design-wise, the basic features are there but our design is not up to par with the easy, intuitive experience we promised. This is precisely why we are currently working on a complete redesign, which will hopefully be a full realization of what we and our customers want the app to be capable of doing. We have been monitoring, listening, and responding (either directly, with code changes, or new design ideas) constantly thanks to everyone’s input on the forum.

The BeatBuddy is something that we are constantly working on. We are still working on autopilot, while we work on that we will likely be able to release fixes to bugs that have been reported. this will help solidify behavior while we tackle the BeatBuddy manager which is the most difficult part of this new feature.

We don’t want to release an autopilot feature that is not a full realization about autopilot needs to be. It needs to be stable and powerful, and that need is what keeps us grinding on and making sure that that is what will happen.

This is something we hope to address very soon, it is not off our minds.

I appreciate everyone’s passion but please post all further comments in an appropriate topic or thread because we are now 100% off topic.

Thank you.

I’m not going to sell mine, but the 2:30 limit is so limiting, and all it needs is some software or maybe firmware changes. You cannot tell us it’s not possible. It’s as if they expect 6X6 functionality is oh so important. Yet I cannot simply bring in a single track over 2:30, such an arbitrary length. With even 5:30 or 6:00 i get to use it in a great way.
I’ve got friends sending me tracks from afar, and I dont want to need my computer, DAW, interface box, etc.
You could do this, Singular. I’m really surprised and bummed out.

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Yes, this is why the Aeros is sleeping in his own sleeve, here in the studio. I found out that for my use, the time limits are too short: both the individual track length and and the total for all tracks. I decided to keep the unit, as a sign of my support to Singular Sound, and to allow them to further develop the product - because I can clearly see the potential. But at the moment, I cannot say I am using it a lot. Time limit is the most limiting factor for me now that other issues have been solved.

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My guess is that they’re doing the looping from RAM rather than from flash/SD card. I can imagine that it’s not entirely a straight forward problem to write and read flash at the same time, but equally, a modern UHS-III SD card can theoretically transfer 312MB/s. Let’s say that’s split between read and write, and that file system overheads cut that in half again. That’s 78MB/s of audio data.

48kHz 24 bit wave files would be 144kB/s plus a bit of overhead for file format. X6 in the most punishing mode gets us to 864kB/s.

I wouldn’t mind if they said they required a certain class of SD card, but back of the envelope figures like the above indicate there’s a lot of headroom available in the storage medium.

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I’m not sure why we don’t get any traction with Singular on this issue. This is important! I cannot believe there is no timeline, this should be on the critical path. Is Singular even listening? I could care less about their Beat Buddy, because you cannot have the Aeros control the Beat Buddy (yet?). Yet I bought it and it sits until one day when this functionality is present. 2:30 is just such a short and arbitrary amount it kills the concept of bringing in tracks from others. We need at least 5-10 minutes and it should not even be limited, just get a warning.

Hey there,

Not sure if you’ve seen my replies on this topic, as they have been on many parts of the forum, but this is something that is going to be fixed in an upcoming update after lock tracks and a fix to undone logic. Yes we do in fact see all your messages and they do bear traction, that is why it is coming up after these two releases.

The good news is lock tracks is just nearly fully realized, and undone logic was able to be worked on in parallel, so should not take that long (fingers crossed) to realize after we finish releasing locked tracks.

We apologize that the progress seems slow, but we do want to say that there is in fact progress and we are working on this constantly.


Thank you

Hi Brennan,

I hope your response here is accurate. Longer or unlimited track time and wav import is critical and will make this unit so much more useful to me and I’m sure many others.