Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Queen) 2.0 - Song file for Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Hello. I’ve attached my own BeatBuddy file for Crazy Little Thing Called Love. There were a couple of other versions floating around, but I found them complex and hard to use, with too many transitions to make.

The song file I’ve attached only requires that you make two transitions throughout the song: once at the beginning of the first chorus, and then another two bars after the bridge has finished. There is no “Outro” fill, so feel free to add your own. When I play live, I just end the beat to a dead stop.

*Intro: 4-beat count in, then 4 bars of click for guitar strumming

*1st Transition: right before 1st chorus

*2nd Transition: should be done within 4 bars after the bridge clapping finishes

You can see me performing with this BeatBuddy song file at the following YouTube link:

Download Here

Hi Lanny,
Love it! But is there a way i can tame (edit) the intro bars. Ive had a few comments from the audience saying that its a bit ‘in your face’
Great work by the way!!

Hey Lanny, cancel my last I figured it in ‘editor’

Okay, great! Yes, the intro is a bit obnoxious. My guitar player is hard of hearing, so it needed to be nice and loud for him. I’m glad you figured it out.

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Hi, thanks for uploading this. Can you post the YouTube link please? It looks like it’s been missed off of the end of the post

Sure thing. The YouTube video is just me and my duo partner playing it with BeatBuddy:


Thank you for all your great work


Thank you

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