Create a "sticky" for repost requests?

Just an idea I had this morning after again finding no replies to PM’s about creators re-posting drum resources.

Would it be possible for the forum administrators to create a sticky thread so folks can post “re-post resources requests”? It may very well get more looked at than replies to “zombie threads”, or to PMs that perhaps a lot of folks do not even look at?

At least as a sticky everyone will see requests under one thread and we may see some more dynamic action on reposting resources, assuming the original creator still wants to of course!

Restrict it to the request and reply only perhaps?

Okay, I’ve created a sticky and you should read my caveat in that thread.

Many of the original posters (OP) have not been back to the forum in six months or longer and the likelihood that they’ll re-upload their songs/beats is pretty slim.

I’m thinking that it might just be easier to delete those posts so that they won’t cause an annoyance. The removal process would probably be easier for somebody with admin rights (web admin) that can scrub the database for songs posted to Resources before Thanksgiving 2017, that have not been re-posted, and then batching them for removal. For an admin, this would be a one six-pack job at most. To do it manually, it would take me at last three cases of my favorite brew. :smiley:

You can determine how long it’s been since a user last visited the forum by clicking on their name beneath their avatar.

Thanks! Is it on the main forum listing?