Create alternate settings for at least some of thePlaying Hands-free menu options

It would be useful to have different settings for at least some of the actions invoked from the Playing Hands-Free menu. Specifically Stop Settings, Change Song Part Settings and Mute settings.
If there were conflicts, the software would prioritize the last action. Let’s say with a double tap of a track button you requested a “normal” cued mute at the end of the loop, but access the Hand-Free with an “alternate” setting of Next Measure. The mute would then occur on next measure. Vice versa, the “normal” was on next measure and the “alternate” was End of Loop and it would then happen at end of loop. (The first being the most probably used). At least on these 3 cases, it would provide flexibility to accommodate different repeats points and skipping over unwanted sections of a loop.


I agree, it would be nice to alter the behavior of a stop, mute, or change part to occur at a different “time” every once in a while.

Taking that one step further, it might be simpler to (also) have a catch-all command that modified any type of cued (or the next cued) command. That would avoid having lots of variations to select from via the scroll wheel (but the user could decide to add those more specific commands as well if they wanted that). Might not work for every use case, but suspect it would work for most people, most of the time.

I mean something like this:

  • Modify next queued to EOM

As well as the having these for special uses (which non-power users might leave out of their scroll menu):

  • Change Part at EOM
  • Stop at EOM
  • Mute at EOM

I own or have owned several other loopers, (from Roland, Pigtronix, EHX). When I bought the Aeros I liked it but really started using my Aeros with version 5.x.x and the AutoQuantize. The reason is that playing with my group, what I need is a LIVE LOOPER to record and use on the fly verses, choruses, endings and any kind of background to solo over them. . Having pre-recorded songs is not my main interest right now. So I use the same song /device settings (one for 4/4 and maybe one in 3/4 ) to record and replay, and at the end, I clear it and get ready for the next song, using the same song/device settings template.

While creating loops for voltas (repeats with 1st and 2nd ending) I found that on occasions I would need to jump out of a previous recorded part loop (to record or overdub another part) before it ends… So the needed “Change Song Part” for the Next Part button would be End of Measure. Yet, sometimes I also need to jump to the next part at the end of the loop. That’s what gave me the idea to have one setting (for example End Of Measure) for the left lower button, which is more “immediate” and an alternate one (let’s say End Of Loop) for when you have more time to access the Hands Free menu. That would be also applicable to Mute and Stop.

Not to make the implementation too hard, I would suggest first adding these alternate settings to the 3 features or actions that offer these 3 choices: Immediate . End of Measure and End of Loop, which are:
• Mute
• Stop Song
• Change Song Part
That said, your suggestion about making it more general merits a lot of consideration.
I hope that the engineering team will consider this feature as a worthy one for those who use the looper live. That would definitely put the Aeros at the top of the hill of the loopers, bar none.

Hey there

Although we will not be taking this further than it needs to, I can see where having the simple options for EOM, EOL and immediate in the hands free playing slideout choices would be good

We will look into this

Thanks for the request!

Thanks Brennan. As a retired SW engineer, I don’t want to throw too many changes on an otherwise very good product :innocent:. It is just that those 3 options seem to complete pretty much everything that you would think of to use the Aeros in a completely live setting. I realize a lot of its functionality is geared to those who use it with pre-recorded pieces. But some of us don’t work that way. Please consider just these 3 changes and you’ll win yourself a whole group of people that - including myself until recently - thought all loopers were “almost perfect, but yet not there”.

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No promises for now but we appreciate the input and feedback always!!

Thank you for your patience :slight_smile:

Hi Brennan: Any news on this request? JUST the addition of these choices:
End of Measure
Change Song Part
to the Hands Free Measure applied to:
Stop Song
Change Song Part.
They are the last practical, basic features that still keep the Aeros to be the absolutely the BEST looper for LIVE work!

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For some reason, SS has no way of “just doing” simple changes to software.

There might be more to this ask then meets the eye (I’m not on the hook to build it), but simple changes like this (and making the highlighted item in a menu be (more) visible) never see the light of day.

Au contraire!

It’s planned as part of 5.2.x :slight_smile:

So it’s likely coming soon, thanks for the question!

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Brennan, you made my day ! As I said before, for completely live looping, right now Aeros is almost perfect. I’m sure that for me and many others, Aeros will be an absolute winner. With that feature, somebody will have to slap me not to speak but to stop praising Aeros. :smile: :smile:

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