Create beats using sheet music

We just purchased the Beat Buddy and we love the idea of the pedal but we’re having a lot of issues figuring out the technical side of things.

One thing I would like to see, rather than having to use a MIDI to create beats, would be the ability to create beats through sheet music. I’ve never used a MIDI or MIDI software before but I have written sheet music for drums and believe for (at lease some of us) it’d be an easier option for creating beats.

I use Synchrony to write notation, then convert that to midi (or from midi back to notation.) Logic Pro X does this, too. I suspect most major music notation apps and DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) can convert from one to the other.

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Hey, unfortunately, we likely won’t ever do this, but there are ways to turn notation to MIDI, like the example above.

Thank you for the suggestion, however! Neat idea :slight_smile:

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