Create custom config based on the beat buddy config

Is there any way I can create a custom mode using bear buddy mode as the template. I never use the accent hit and would like to replace tat button with the fill function.

I have the IOS version of the application.



Hi there, this is one of the last things missing from the iOS version, we are working on getting this functioning so that you can create a mode based on the BeatBuddy default mode.

One important thing to note is that we are working on a new redesign of both apps that will far improve the current state of both.


Hi Brennan, any idea when ?

We are just now wrapping up the design, we should be getting to building the app from that design in the coming week or two

Stay tuned!

Staying tuned! Not having much luck with the current iOS app. Do you have an ETA???

Any progress with development of the iOS app @BrennanSingularSound? ETA would be really nice, especially for people like me who already bought MMs expecting to be able to actually use it as advertised in custom mode with iOS. In it’s current state the iOS app is pretty useless.

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Hey again,

We are in the process of expanding our iOS team (if you know any good iOS devs, they can send their resume to Once that process is complete, we will have a clearer ETA. We are doing our best to coordinate this all ASAP.

Thank you for your patience.

Thanks @BrennanSingularSound, I know there’s a couple of very capable iOS devs on forums that could be helpful with developing the iOS app, so maybe it would be a good idea to head over there and post on the Audiobus forums about this. Off the top of my head there’s Michael Tyson, dev of the Audiobus app and also LoopyHD, simply called Michael there, Jesse, dev of ThumbJam, called sonosaurus, Nic, dev of StreamByter, user name audeonic and Patrick, dev of Midi Designer Pro and others, user and company name secretbasedesigns, and lots more knowledgeable folks. Maybe just register on the Audiobus forums and either pm those devs or post about this situation and also generate some interest for the MM by doing so.

Do you have an ETA for the iOS app?


This month is what dev tells me! Feel free to bug me again!

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