Creating a backup SD card

I have a question for you as you have been helpful before. I bought a new sd card for backup and tried to load the new Firmware (3.6.0), BB Mgr. (6.65) and my premium library on the card. When I place in the BB, I get No Song List. I am clueless on this technical side and obviously don’t have it correct. What would you charge me to send me a new card with the latest Firmware, Mgr. software, complete original BB library and my Premium Library with all the latest songs added? I purchased the Premium library and I believe all the newly added songs were free through the end of this year. i’m afraid I am going to miss out. I just want to play my guitar and my BB. Thanks in advance for your response.

Well there chief, BB manager does not go on the card. It gets installed on your PC.

Always look on YouTube ;)…all life is there… :slight_smile:

Installing BeatBuddy Manager