Creating a new song with Latin Rhythms

Hey guys, I’ve had my Beat Buddy for a while but have only used it for very simple patterns.
I notice that when I try and create a new song, I only get a basic range of percussion instruments.

I am trying to create a new track with Latin rhythms from the Latin or Brazillian folders but the project will not save correctly. Is there a way to do this using these preset folders or will need to purchase additional software?

Could you provide some more detail on what you mean?

If you wanted to create some beats, here’s one way of doing it using the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM):

  • Create a new folder and name it
  • Within that folder create a new song and name it
  • Set the default tempo and select a drum set
  • Go to your Brazilian or Latin genre folder and highlight a loop or other beat section and use Copy
  • Return to your new folder and Paste to a loop
  • Save project
  • Use the same method to copy then paste other Loops, Intro, Fills, Transition and Outro to your new song.

The Default Content 2.1 Brazilian genre beats all use the Standard drum set; changing the drum set to the Latin one will not add more drum instruments. The beat had to have been created using those additional drum instruments. If you wanted something different the Premium Library sells Brazilian Percussion Beats which uses the Brazilian Percussion drum set (also premium).

Your best bet would probably be to use the Default Content 2.1 Latin genre beats which uses the Latin drum set.

To be more specific, I make files on my SD card via my computer. The BBmanager allows me to copy a loop from the Latin rhythms. but I try to “modify” the loop a little and save it under my saved files. It seems to work well while my SD card is in my computer. Once I quantize it and save it, I try to play it back on my pedal but realize that the project did NOT save correctly at all.
Is there way around this to be able to “modify” these preset loops?
OR…how can I be able to get a blank project that will allow me to create my own patterns using Latin percussion?

Hopefully you meant that you’re editing and saving your project to the bbworkspace folder on your computer and then synchronizing your project to the SD card (inserted in your computer SD slot and not using the USB from pedal to computer to transfer data).

The built-in BBM MIDI Editor is not suitable for editing beats, this is a task better suited for a DAW.

Something to try is if you edit a beat in the MIDI Editor, see if not quantizing will reduce the problems you’re experiencing with your saved beat not playing back the way you expected.

You can contact for some one-on-one help.