Creating a song

Hi. Brand new user. Please suggest. Help and set me on the right track. My goal is to play my mini beat buddy 2. My acoustic wired guitar, sing and later add bass guitar. Please suggest settings in 2X2 mode. Thanks

I don’t think you can sync the Mini with the Aeros, as there is no midi connection available.

Yes, correct. I use the mini beatbuddy almost like a metronome and plug it in the aeros along with mic and acoustic guitar

But quantize, auto and freeform are all a bit confusing. Wanted to know an easy choice

Hey there,

So first off, my opinion is similar to josborn777 that you’re not gonna have a very good time doing what you’re doing using the BeatBuddy Mini 2.

The BB mini 2 does not have midi capabilities, making it impossible for the BB mini 2 to play along with the Aeros and stay in sync.

The Aeros requires midi sync in order to be synchronized to a connected drum machine.
If you use the metronome on the BB mini 2 while recording to the Aeros, it will still drift over time. This is because there is no way for either device to know what the other device is doing and small discrepancies in timing will add up and make it impossible for them to be lined up anymore.

I would highly suggest investing in some sort of midi clock instead, or just using the Aeros click when you are using it to keep in time instead of using the BB mini 2.

If you do want to use a MIDI clock device with the Aeros we highly suggest using the BeatBuddy, it is the big brother of the BeatBuddy mini 2, and it has full MIDI capacity and works incredibly well with the Aeros.

If you want to have drums while you’re looping that are all synced to the loop, there is no better solution than the BeatBuddy.

I suggest you reach out to so that they can help you continue to make sense of your setup, but it seems to me like the BB mini 2 is not going to be the tool you need it to be in this scenario.

Thanks for the question!

Thank you for your response. Yes you are absolutely correct. The BB2 will not sync. But since I already have the Bb2 I use it in real time as if in a band with a drummer. Till I can afford the big brother. But here is the question, what settings in the Aeros would you suggest if I wanted to play my acoustic wired to the aeros, my mic as i sing to the aeros and the bb2 wired to the aeros and play all of this in real time. Then after that i would like to add bass guitar to the track at the end. Would you suggest 2X2, 6X6 or 2X2 using next part only for bass? How do i layer on the bass in 2X2? Overdub? Please set me on the right track as I am a new user here in New Zealand. Cheers

I would suggest against doing it totally! You could very well end up with a huge mess on stage since the Aeros and BB mini 2 are independent and cannot be controlled at once, I would not advise this!

Potentially you could record the audio of the BB mini into the Aeros while it is in Autoquantize mode (Song Grid Mode song setting), start the BB mini, and then start recording to the Aeros once the measure starts and do your very best to stop the recording at the end of the measure of the BB mini beat. This way you could have a song recorded with drums on track 1 in the Aeros, this way you do not have to synchronize the two devices and can still use the sounds from the BB mini.

You would have to connect the audio output of the BB mini into the Aeros input to do this.

As far as how to connect multiple instruments, will you be recording the vocals or just singing into a PA?

If you are only recording the bass and the guitar, you could connect each to its own input on the Aeros and set the Aeros playback (device Routing setting) to mono

Are you connecting to a PA or a mixer with multiple channels?

Here is a video on how song grid mode setting works:

Short on autoquantize mode: