Creating and managin a project or song


i just got my beatbuddy and im impressed about this device! Every time i want to rearrange my stlist on the bb i have to use my computer. My question is, would it be possible in further firmware updates, to add this functions and would it be possible to arrange more setlist on the bb?



I would like to make BeatBuddy as computer-independent as possible and I’ll do everything possible to make that happen in some firmware in the future.

All of this is in a very early planning stage, but this idea was already discussed internally and was preliminarily approved. This can, of course, get changed as we go further in development process.


that sounds good to me!



I would think the small screen could be an issue in terms of the user interface.


for managing setlists you dont need all informations that songs contain.
If its not possible to realize drag and drop then it would be useful to have a field beside the song that shows the order number in my setlist. It would be a great help to see the order number as a count on my bb after synchronizing. Maybe also a swap function with songs that uses the same order number in this setlist?

Please excuse my bad englisch!



You might have a chance SET busting on the pedal if BB gets off copying songs into a folder and labeling it a set. BB needs a set to be just a list, and to only allow one Wonderful Tonight.SNG in all the BB folders.


Better yet if we can get MIDI input to BB that selects the song, then a song organizing tool on an iPad (like Onsong) would give you the power to jump out of your set and back to your set or whatever. Reorganize a set in seconds. Organizing to the ultimate. Also it could eliminate the BB problem of having multiple copies of the same song, where if you make a change during band practice you have to search and find all the copies of that song and individually change them too.