Creating beats with electronic kit

Hey there. I hope this finds you well. I’m looking into having a Fiverr drummer record some custom beats for me on an electronic kit for purpose of uploading them to my Beatbuddy. What exactly does he need to know before proceeding? For instance how should he save files, do the beats need to be quantised before he makes them into midi files etc etc?

Hey there, the best thing I can say is he needs to send them to you in a defined tempo, and quantized on his part to the beat, that way, once he exports, it will be very easy for you to change the timing of notes (say using a groove extraction from another file or by using swing/feel etc.)

As long as you can edit the midi files yourself, you can cut your song into the sections from there, if you prefer he handles it, you could ask him for the drums section by section, as they will go into BBM.

I’m sure more users will chime in there are some caviots to take note of for particularities like pick-up measures and such.

Happy crafting!

Thank you Brennan