Creating custom beats in Manager software (or, Why can't it be done?)

Just got my BeatBuddy, and I gotta say: It is way too difficult to create custom beats with the Manager software. And by that I mean…you can’t?? How’s that even a thing in 2020? I have phone apps that make creating beats a breeze, simply by providing you with a blank time signature grid that you fill in with the kind of force/instrument you wish to hear on a particular beat. It ain’t rocket science. Please make it a priority, even though I do understand that you gain revenue by people buying pre-packaged beats. Hell, I’d certainly pay more for the ability to craft beats within the software.

It is really amazing, isn’t it? It’s hard to believe that a DAW maker, even a lesser known one, wouldn’t want to jump in and make a package for BB users that was functional and then have a paid upgrade path to their full version. The built in editor is not going to cut it. It’s a nice thing, but we’ve all seen that there are issues with it.

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