Creating looped sequences in BeatBuddyManager


How do I create a beat sequence that loops back to the first part in the sequence? I opened one of the factory provided songs in the manager software and saw that it looped when I ran the beatbuddy pedal simulation, but I don’t see anything in the user interface that indicated that looping should occur or that lets me control the behavior.


I’m not entirely sure I’ve understood you correctly, but what you are describing is the default (and the only possible) behavior. All drum patterns are implicitly looped, and there is no way to make them not to do so.


I think I understand your point: when you move from one song part to the next the looping back to the first song part only occurs after you have played the last song part. So this is potentially and issue if you have 3 parts and you want to go from part 1 to part 2, then from part 2 back to part 1 and then from part 1 to part 3 etc. The only way I see that you can do this is to create the parts as follows:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 1
Part 3

I suppose a nice addition to the software and the BB firmware would be to be able to specify the loop sequence independent of the parts sequence.


Ahh what you want to do is have more control over the order of the songs, back and forth as you want?

not sure that’s possible at the moment, but it might be something that could be added to the foot pedal controls later…ask for it to be added as an in song control.

If your parts are all in the same order though, its not a problem to have them setup in the manager in the order you want them, so you just have to press and hold the change button to transition to them.